Lately I've started learning Nim (formerly Nimrod) - its a pretty neat language. I have found that there is less information about using it on the web than other languages that are more popular, so wanted to write a post on getting started with the language.

Downloading and installing

These easiest way is using this neat tool called choosenim.

curl -sSf | sh
choosenim stable
nim -v

should give you something like:

Nim Compiler Version 0.18.0 [MacOSX: amd64]
Copyright (c) 2006-2018 by Andreas Rumpf

git hash: 855956bf617f68ac0be3717329e9e1181e5dc0c6
active boot switches: -d:release

In addition to installing the nim compiler, it also installs other useful tools such as nimble - the package manager.


I mainly code in vim but have found the main vim plugin somewhat lacking. On the other side of the spectrum, Visual Studio Code has a pretty fantastic nim plugin that I use. You can read more about the editor support here.

Learning Resources

The two tutorials are a great place to start:

After those, these external examples were helpful for me: